Safety Services

Hyperion Safety Services is a knowledgeable and experienced safety provider in the areas of  health, fire, security and environmental safety.  One of  our priorities is inspecting portable, semi portable, fixed fire extinguishing media, life saving equipment, navigational aid, fire & gas detection, and fire suppression system installation. We assist our clients with the requirements of all governmental agencies such as OSHA, BSEE, ABS, USCG, DOT, MSHA, LADEQ, NIOSH, Bureau of Land Management, Texas Railroad Commission, and EPA. We believe that each client is unique; our programs are tailor-made, guaranteeing  integrity and confidentiality.

Some of our Safety Services include:

  • Onsite  HSE  Specialists
  • Drilling and Work-Over H2S safety
  • Wind Socks/streamers
  • Contingency Plan Creation
  • H2S Safety Equipment
  • Certified Grade D Breathing Air
  • Supplied Air Sales
  • SCBA Inspection
  • In House Repair Center
  • H2S Certification & Training
  • Design installation calibration of H2S monitoring systems
  • OSHA Fit Testing
  • Sales/Rental H2S Monitoring System
  • Contingency planning
  • Turnarounds


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