Hyperion specializes in providing our clients with complete protection solutions from exposure to H2S gas.  Depending on our client’s specifications and requirements, we tailor our H2S safety services for onshore, offshore drilling, production, construction and maintenance. This includes a written contingency plan approved by BSEE.  We offer an on-site H2S Safety Supervision where Hydrogen Sulfide may constitute a serious danger to human life.

H2S Services:

  • Drilling and Work-Over H2S safety trailers
  • Wind Socks/streamers
  • Onsite safety supervision
  • Contingency Plan Creation
  • H2S Safety Equipment
  • Certified Grade D Breathing Air
  • Supplied Air Sales
  • SCBA Inspection
  • In House Repair Center
  • H2S Certification & Training
  • Design Installation  Calibration of H2S
  • Monitoring System
  • OSHA Fit Testing
  • Sales/Rental H2S Monitoring System
  • Contingency planning

H2S Safety Training:

Hyperion Safety Services provides experienced, well-trained H2S Safety Consultants for H2S Safety training and certification. This training is in compliance with, and regulated by OSHA, as well as other regulatory agencies. Our training is provided in offices, on drilling locations, work-over sites, and various other places as required and at anytime (day or night). Qualitative and Quantitative fit testing is designed to meet OSHA requirements.

Training includes:

The use of SCBA’s
Monitoring and Detection
Flare Stack Ignition
Briefing Areas and Personnel Accounting
Emergency Evacuation
Contingency Plan Implementation