Inspections and Audits

HYPERION assists industrial operations by certifying that facility equipment, products, services and personnel comply with all quality, health and safety and environmental mandates.

These include:

  • Regulatory Inspections-Imposed by applicable codes of industry regulations which stipulate the “license to operate”
  • Voluntary Inspections-Based on sector specific requirements or recognized standards
  • Proprietary Inspections-Based on your own schemes, standards or requirements
  • SEMS Compliance-Certifying your facility and personnel meet all SEMS requirements
  • Smoke and fire damper inspections- including manual and remote dampers
  • Water tight door inspections
  • Weather door/escape hatch inspections
  • Fire door inspections

HYPERION possess the ability to carry out inspections/surveys of your facilities, equipment and products and audits of  your operations and processes against practically any referential on a local or international basis. Moreover we can assist in facilitating your personnel to understand and comply with general and or specific QHSE standards.

As an added service, we can also recommend corrective action based up regulatory requirements and follow up with an “after audit” inspection showing corrected deficiencies.  We will also facilitate training to personnel to understand and comply with general and/or specific QHSE standards.