Full Compliance Inspections

Full compliance inspections include all documentation, licenses, standard operating procedures, safe work practices and mechanical integrity issues. This also includes documentation required by SEMS to remain on a location for up to three (3) years.

HYPERION is fully aware of requirements as outlined in the new “SEMS” mandates pursuant to API RP 75 and 30 CFR 250, subpart “S”. We will write programs for your company to pass the SEMS requirements pursuant to 30 CFR 250.1914 (b). Once the documentation is in place, including safe work practices and training versification, we perform advanced “BSEE” inspections and audits to reveal punch list items that may be eligible for an “INC” by BSEE inspectors. Any discrepancies are then submitted to rig/platform and office managers to identify discrepancies found. HYPERION inspectors will assist with discrepancy correction and sign-off all corrected items that are corrected and within compliance. It is the goal of HYPERION to reveal possible INC related items to guarantee that future BSEE inspectors would not find INC’s.

Our inspectors are fully trained and highly experienced. They communicate well and if said inspection is on a rig, than they have a drilling background. On a production platform they have extensive experience as an “A” operator.   All inspections are fully documented and reports are available at any time during an inspection. IDLH issues and possible immediate dangers are communicated to the locations management as soon as it’s identified.Adult Ed - Study Partners