On-Site Safety Personnel

HYPERION employs a large collection of tenured, experienced safety supervisors to provide every project with the right HSE supervisor or attendant for the job.  Our safety supervisory team reduces the number of multiple contractor employees that you will need by having a centralized pool of trained safety attendants that can be dispatched and assigned to all areas of our customer’s projects. Our safety staff can handle a multitude of  assignments such as:

  • HSE Safety Supervisors
  • Confined Space management
  • Writing Confined Space Plans and supervisory roles
  • Filling out JSA’s and verification of prewritten JSEA accuracy
  • Permit Writing and monitoring/reporting including proper closeout and filing
  • Atmospheric Monitoring for hazardous gasses including VOC’s and Benzene
  • Daily Field Auditing of Contractors
  • Conducting Daily Safety Meetings with presentations and specialized topics
  • Investigating all Accidents, Incidents and Near-Misses with full reporting
  • Root Cause Analysis investigation techniques
  • Managing Injury Cases and associated reporting requirements
  • Training Contractors on Safety Plans and company operating procedures/safe work practices
  • Permit management and tracking/reporting
  • H2S site management and contingency plans


safety guy up close