Mechanical Integrity and Inspection Services

Hyperion Safety Services provides direct, certified, mechanical integrity inspectors who perform onsite inspections of equipment.   Our inspectors’ certifications include API 570, 510 and 653. They are fully versed in pipe, pipeline, tank, and pressure vessel inspections, both external, and internal inspection processes according to API standards.   All reports include photos, ISO drawings, site mapping, TML location maps, and extensive reporting techniques. Our team also includes ASNT level 2 and 3 NDT inspectors. Our UT meters are all data loggers and UT reporting is incorporated into the API 570/510/653 reports for a complete picture of onsite conditions. 

Hyperion inspectors generate complete reports  that includes:

  • Wall thickness
  • Blueprints of systems
  • Piping and tank layouts
  • Corrosion rates
  • Tank pressure and expectancy

The ability of Hyperion Safety Services to produce inspection reports and upload to cloud-based software in one of many ways HYPERION stands apart from others. Our clients can accurately access all data incoming in real-time from anywhere on the planet. But what also compliments our services is the ability to access such data from any smart phone, anywhere, anytime, 24 hours a day.