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Hyperion Safety Services provides a full range of safety and manpower services for the oil and gas industry in both offshore and land-based operations including:

Our comprehensive list of services are designed to meet the complex and diversified safety needs to ensure a safe working environment for all personnel.

Consulting Services

We have highly trained, certified QSE and SEMS Consultants to consult in the following areas:
  • Planning and development of safety policies
  • Implementation and maintenance of custom procedures and policies
  • Change management and implementation strategy
  • Contract consulting for projects, programs, tasks and operations

Safety Training

HYPERION offers comprehensive assessment tools consisting of multi-level technical training modules designed to improve personnel skills and knowledge levels. Our training consists of but is not limited to the following:
  • HAZWOPER – Four hour competency course
  • SafeGulf-Includes Terrorist Response, SEMS, and marine debris
  • OSHA & U.S. Coast Guard Record-keeping

H2S Division

We offer on-site H2S Safety Supervision where Hydrogen Sulfide may constitute a serious danger to human life. We tailor our services for onshore & offshore drilling production, construction and/or maintenance including:
  • Safety Training and certification
  • Implementation of contingency plans
  • Oversee monitoring and detection
  • Compliant with OSHA requirements